Recently, we reunited two families back-to-back – Bell (known as Freckle Ann) and Savvy (known as Diamond).
Freckle Ann was picked up by a community member who ended up fostering her temporarily. Before taking her in, the community member checked with neighbors, but no one seemed to know where she belonged. She was brought in to our Pet Resource Center to be scanned for a microchip. Although she was not microchipped, she was wearing a red collar with a bell on it which is why we called her Bell. After posting flyers around the community and online, her owner saw the post online. In addition to seeing the post online, she had also filled out the St Clair County Lost Pet Form.
Diamond was picked up by a volunteer who saw her running freely in Cahokia, IL. The volunteer took her to our Pet Resource Center and unfortunately, no microchip came up when we scanned her. We reached out to neighbors to see if they knew anything, but no one had any answers. When a volunteer went to post flyers around the neighborhood, a resident said this may be his neighbor’s dog.  The owner did come across our flyer online and reached out as well. Both dogs were vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and left with pet tags.