Last week, we received a call about a stray kitten that showed up on a resident’s property. He was in his yard, screaming and crying. The finder gave him food and water and waited for us to arrive and help.

We work with many community cats, often classified as “feral.” These cats live their lives outside and love it. They shy away from people and create special bonds with their caretakers. However, this kitten was friendly and wanted nothing more than to be petted and loved on. We knew this was someone’s pet!

We set out to find his owner. We only had to knock on two doors before we identified a potential owner; but unfortunately, they were not home. We left a note on the door and the kitten went home with a staff member, and we waited to hear from the potential family.

Within hours, we got a call. We had found the kitten’s home! His name is Winter, and when we returned him home, his family was so happy to see him again! They signed him up for free spay/neuter services, where they will also get him vaccinated and microchipped.

We share this story to highlight the power of a knock. When finding a lost animal, knocking on doors, talking with neighbors, and seeking out the pet’s home can mean life or death for an animal. Shelters are overfull and do not have the manpower to do this boots on the ground work–and most often, a lost pet is only blocks, even a few doors away from their home. It is a disservice to pick up a pet and drive it miles away to a shelter or facility when their owners might be right around the corner.

Happy tails, Winter. We are so happy you are owned and loved, and we can’t wait to see you again when you go in to get neutered!