In early January, an adorable white pit bull mix was rescued from Animal Control. This bouncy, lovable pup was truly a magnet to people. She knew no stranger. She greeted every single person that walked through her kennel door at our Emergency Shelter. And that happy-go-lucky personality won over many volunteers, including foster mom Missy Cissell, who simply could not say no to this precious girl.

In February, Natalie went home to live with Missy and her 3-year-old GPG alum, Geno. Missy was taking a break from fostering to replace her carpet, but once she met Natalie, she had to make an exception. And since the very first day, she has been head over heels for this sweet girl. Missy comments about Natalie: “She has sooo much personality. She is love-bug and has a curious/no-fear attitude. She hunts frogs and barks in their face, chases flies and greets strangers with the happiest butt wag. However, my favorite thing about her would be her expert cuddle ability. She spoons like no other pup and sometimes she buries her face in my neck!” Natalie also LOVES the mud, and sometimes Missy lets her indulge, calling for extra baths and clean-up. But her happiness in the mud makes it all worth it.

Together, Natalie and Missy have been working on manners. Natalie is a puller, so walks were difficult in the beginning. But they have been practicing walking on leash, and she has gotten much better. Natalie has also learned that counter-surfing and mouthiness are not welcome, and has started kissing with her tongue instead of nibbling with her teeth. Natalie knows sit, paw and she’s working on stay.

When asked what advice she would give to other fosters, Missy says this: “Do it, save a life. Be prepared the first couple of days will be a little more challenging, everybody is transitioning so keep your patience handy. Oh, and you will be able to let go when the right adoptive family comes along–If I can do it, anyone can.”

We cannot thank Missy enough for opening her home to Natalie, and other foster dogs just like her. If you would like to become a foster home, as well, visit www.gatewaypets.com/foster. And if you think Natalie’s lovable personality would be the perfect addition to your own family, visit www.gatewaypets.com/adopt to learn more about how to adopt her.