Sometimes in rescue, it takes a long time for a pup to find their forever home. Mama Heart has had a long journey with Gateway Pet Guardians (over 500 days to be exact!), and we think it’s about time she found her happily ever after!

Mama Heart was found with her seven puppies in February, 2015 in unsafe conditions. We rescued her and her pups from the harsh winter cold. Once in rescue, Mama was able to nurse her puppies, and all seven grew to be happy and healthy and were adopted into loving homes.

Mama Heart spent much of the first part of her stay at our Emergency Shelter, but she is dog reactive and has high energy, which makes shelter life difficult. At the shelter, though, she met her guardian angel—Jeanne Sommers. Jeanne brought Mama Heart into her home, and she has truly flourished in her care.

Initially, it was a tough transition. Mama Heart would bounce off the walls at any anticipation of a walk. At the sight of Jeanne putting her hair in a ponytail, or changing her shoes, or handling a plastic bag, or opening any door, she went crazy with excitement. It took time for them both to discover what worked as they built trust and learned to understand each other. As that progressed, she settled more and more.

Now, Jeanne and Mama Heart enjoy long walks where Mama goes exploring, letting her nose guide the way. They spend time walking around Jefferson Barracks, or exploring new neighborhoods, or visiting nearby parks. Mama LOVES riding in Jeanne’s truck, observing all things en route. And interspersed throughout a day, Mama relishes chasing squirrels in the backyard, or playing with any one of her many favorite toys.

mama-heartJeanne describes Mama Heart as intelligent, sweet, adventuresome, loyal, curious, snuggly, playful, and happy. She’s the real package, and a bundle of joy to be around. She loves her people and would make a great companion to any family looking for a single dog. She’s anxious to meet her forever family, but loves every minute with Jeanne as she waits patiently!

We asked Jeanne about her favorite thing about fostering. She says, “I feel fortunate to play a role in helping a dog find its forever home, and I think it’s a win-win for the foster dog and foster parent! Not only is the dog provided a safe, loving transitional home off the streets, but the foster parent is the lucky recipient of that dog’s gratitude and growing affections.”

We couldn’t agree with you more, Jeanne, and we are so lucky you joined the Gateway Pet Guardians Foster Family! We are so appreciative of your patience and commitment to helping Mama Heart find her forever home. We know her family is out there!

If you are interested in adopting Mama Heart, her adoption fee is only $25 through the month of July as part of our Long Enough promotion! Learn more about this promotion by clicking here. And if you want to make a difference in the lives of dogs like Mama Heart by fostering, learn more by clicking here!