How long is too long?

$25 adoption fees for all dogs that have been with GPG for over one year!

How long should a dog have to wait before finding a family to call their own? How long should a dog have to wait to curl up in their own bed or run in their own yard? How long should a dog have to wait to have their wishes come true?

We want to introduce you to some pups who have waited long enough! During the month of July, Gateway Pet Guardians is discounting adoption fees for pets that have been with our organization for over a year. These fabulous dogs have been overlooked or passed over for far too long and we KNOW their perfect family is out there. We are hoping this little incentive will help get the word out.

Additionally, an anonymous donor is covering the adoption fee and additional training for Cowboy, Jelly and Miss Demeanor!

Check out these great dogs by clicking on their names below. If you would like to apply for one of them or to find out more information about our adoption process, CLICK HERE!


527 days


265 days


1,076 days


402 days


513 days


Mama Heart
504 days


Miss Demeanor (Ellie)
565 days


483 days


500 days

Still not convinced these “long-timers” would make perfect pets? Check out some of the pups who took a little longer to get adopted.