Rosemary and Mr. Trooper

Mr. Trooper is a five-year-old, eleven-pound shih tzu mix. He found himself living briefly at the Gateway Pet Guardians Emergency Shelter. It’s not common for small breed dogs to make their way to the shelter, but we are lucky he did, because this charismatic little pup won over the heart of shelter volunteer Rosemary Hamann, who ended up taking him home to foster. Rosemary met this adorable little guy on her regular Monday morning shelter shift. She took him for a long walk, and by the time she returned him to the shelter, she was smitten.

Rosemary took Mr. Trooper home that same day, and by that evening, he had snuggled into her lap as she slept on her recliner. Mr. Trooper is heartworm positive, so Rosemary’s main goal is to keep him calm as he undergoes treatment. This doesn’t prove to be very hard with his love for snuggles! In fact, Rosemary’s favorite activity with Mr. Trooper is sleeping. She says, “I love to watch him sleep. One minute he is on his right side, the next time on his left, then on his back!” He is also Rosemary’s shadow, following her around the house. And she likens him to Yoda when he looks up, with his goofy, straight up ears laying backwards!

Mr. Trooper Getting Ready for a Nap

Rosemary has fostered several dogs, and loves watching their transformation. “I love watching how the foster dog changes from the first time you bring him home, and how he becomes part of my family. It’s like raising a child. You see their unique personality grow, and when he is ready to go to his forever home, you know you did a great job and he will be happy the remainder of his dog life. That pride is the greatest.”

Mr. Trooper is available for adoption, and would love to find a family to dote on his Yoda-esque looks and dazzling personality. Do you think you could provide a warm lap for him to lay on? Visit www.gatewaypets.com/adopt to learn more. And if you’d like to make a difference in the life of a shelter dog like Rosemary has with Mr. Trooper, give fostering a try! Visit www.gatewaypets.com/foster.