Richard Red, is just one of hopefully many of Gateway’s dogs who have been accepted into the Loosen the Leash Program! Loosen the Leash is a training program for kids “on the edge”. The dogs go through 3 months of training with kids who are wards of the state.

The program is a win/win situation for the child and dog. The former street dog has an opportunity to be highly trained so that their chances of being adopted and remaining in their forever home is greater. The children learn how to train the dogs, thereby learning many of the life skills that they have yet to been taught. To read more about this program, please visit Loosen the Leash. We at Gateway are incredibly excited about being a part of this program. Thanks to Cindy Vickers for having and executing such a great idea.

There is a great possibility that we will be able to pull another dog from the streets to be part of this program, which always makes me so happy. I will post pictures of the candidates as we get closer to the next session, which begins at the end of March.