It’s a special day today! This year, we received a $5,000 grant from Best Friends to focus spay/neuter efforts in Cahokia. We are targeting Cahokia because 34% of all owner surrenders at St. Clair County Animal Control from East Side Health District are from this zip code. We had a goal to fix 100 pets in Cahokia alone this year (while also continuing our efforts in our entire service area). We are proud to say that Cinnamon here is lucky #101! She was fixed, vaccinated, and microchipped today through our program, and her owner was so excited to have her home!

We have fixed a total of 305 pets so far this year through our program in our service area. This is HUGE!

Our efforts are only possible thanks to our partnerships. Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic provides low-cost services, and BARC subsidizes those services. And thanks to this special grant, we are able to offer this service for free to residents in our service area!