5D3_2994-XLMagnolia’s story begins in late July.  During her routine walk-through of St. Clair County Animal Control, Rescue Program Lead, Stacey Kaemmerer saw a scared, mangy dog cowering in the back of one of the cages. She was almost completely hairless and her skin was raw and bleeding. Stacey knew we couldn’t leave this girl behind.  She would be ready for transfer within a day.  That was when she would be off of her stray hold.  Strays are on hold for seven days at St. Clair County Animal Control in hopes their owners will come in to claim them.

Dogs like Magnolia don’t tend to make it out of animal control facilities.  Obviously, the owners didn’t take proper care of her and would most likely not be in too claim her.  Rescues often overlook these dogs as well because of the cost associated witIMG_0750h mange and skin infection.  At Gateway Pet Guardians, we are well-equipped to handle mange and the things that come along with it.

Stacey quickly found a foster for Magnolia and she was on her way to her new, healthy life!  On July 31, she was transferred from the facility and brought into the GPG family!

Magnolia went immediately into a foster home to recover.  She began treatments for the mites and antibiotics to help her skin heal quickly.

10530720_700372321760_355602407566622430_nIt wasn’t long into her treatment that a family fell in love with her.  She was adopted within a month and a half of being rescued.  Her family is looking to make her a therapy dog because of her amazing demeanor and personality.

Magnolia is one of many animals Gateway Pet Guardians has rescued in 2014.  By the end of the year, we will have saved over 400 dogs from the Metro East.   Our mission is to end homelessness for animals in the metro east through rescue, rehabilitation, education and community outreach.

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