A few months ago, we received a call on our outreach hotline from a Metro East family that had found a stray cat that had kittens in their home. They didn’t know what to do, so they reached out to us for help. A foster home stepped up to take the mama cat and her kittens and help them grow healthy and strong. But the family had grown to love and adore the mama cat, who they named Belle. They couldn’t imagine giving her up, so we made an arrangement to give her back once the kittens were weaned.

This week, we returned Belle to her loving home. She was spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. We also provided the family with some food, a small carrier, and a collar. As soon as she saw Belle, one of the children in the home grabbed her and cried, she had really missed her!

We are so happy to have been part of this happily ever after, and that Belle has a family that loves and adores her. Two of her kittens have already been adopted, and two kittens (Olaf and Kristof) continue to wait for their forever homes. Her family is happy that she will have no more unplanned litters.

Our community outreach team works tirelessly to ensure that pet owners in the Metro East have the resources they need to provide their pets with a long, happy and healthy life. Our goal is to empower pet owners to keep pets in their homes with families that love them, and out of area shelters. If you’d like to learn more, visit Gateway Pet Guardians Community Programs.