Just another day on the route.  Look at poor Mama Dog who had at least one puppy that we know of-but poor puppy died.  Then Nigel & Nigella forever waiting for a foster home.  Have been hearing that Animal Control has been making visits sometimes, and I am personally worried that some of our oldies will be missing one day.  They have made it so long.  Just painful to think that their luck may run out before a home opens up.  Micah & Baxter, both a little shy that day.  And Lady, the shy black dog, is in heat which is throwing everyone off.  Malcolm has now really moved from his old spot and somedays we see him, some days not.  He looks terrible and very sad.

And I have to include a “Blooper”.  Not a true Blooper, but the “Wild Dog Chase” day we had several of us and Ms. J was flirting with the idea of bringing Tuxedo Kitty home.  Mr. Tux is very cute, very bouncy, and comes out right away each feeding.  We were planning on returning the following week with the kitty trap, to “do it right”.  But Pj was already thinking……..she started sneaking up on hm (Just like the rescue of “Casey the Cat”) and before we knew it, Mr. Tux was in her hands.  But we didn’t have a kennel ready, and the blooper was what happened when the kennel actually showed up.  Turns out Ms. J won’t be able to take Mr. Tux after all and Mr. Tux & all of his friends and fam would love to have a real home!  Do you know anyone looking for kitties?


And Above, our wonderful Julia, at the 2010 Soiree for the Strays.  Do you guys have your tickets yet??  This year will be November 4, 2011 at the Franklin Room in Soulard.  Check the Side banners for details……Rumor has it that lots of cool auction stuff, amazing eats (with vegan options), Doggie fashion show with the models being escorted by some local celebs., booze (of course), and tons of dog & cat lovers.  Please come out!!