Emily brought Rosie, formerly known as Juaneca, home on Labor Day 2017. Greeted with a wagging tail and little kisses, Emily could tell that she just needed a safe place to rest and be loved. Rosie was infected with heartworm upon rescue and had just recently delivered and weaned a litter of puppies (who knows how many litters she had prior!). She seemed… really tired.

Emily brought her home to meet the kids, her husband, and their resident pup, Charlie. In less than 48 hours, they had collectively decided that Rosie was home for good! Emily & her family had no intentions of adopting, but Emily says, “I looked into her soulful brown eyes, and I knew she was meant to be ours.” Gateway Pet Guardians and Hillside Animal Hospital helped her through her heartworm treatments and spay surgery. So the family was able to finalize the adoption in December, just a few weeks before Christmas. What a wonderful gift!

Rosie adores her forever family, including her antisocial, Shih Tzu brother. 😉 Emily’s children have gained a new best friend, and the feeling is most definitely mutual. Rosie enjoys snuggling on the couch (lucky girl!), resting in front of the fire, following her people around the house, and going on hikes/walks. She often joins the kids on their adventures in the backyard tree-house. What a life!

“Rosie chooses to sleep on her throne (aka oversized dog bed) at night, and I like to think she is there to keep a watchful eye on the house while we all sleep. Rosie is loyal, loving, playful, and perfect for us. We are happily part of the ‘foster failure’ family!”