These videos are a collage of our recent visits with Alice Cooper.  She is a doll.  She lives at a business in East St. Louis and GPG & SuperSheri make sure that she gets doggie treats, food, and some love on the route.

It has been a crazy time at GPG!!  We have rescued over 40 dogs in the last 2 months, which means 40 canine lives and at least the 40 people lives that the dogs will save.  But what else?  Well, we got our Vet Bill.  We don’t just have an “ordinary” vet bill.  No, because that would mean we have just “ordinary” dogs.  We have very special dogs with all the bells and whistles.  Dogs treated for heartworm, embedded collars, and everything else under the sun.  Eyeball surgeries…..Yes, a recent little “Darren” needs to have an eye removed.  So these are very special kids…..so their very special vet bill is 17,000 and last we heard, ObamaCare, RomneyCare, Medicare, Medicaid….well-they ain’t covering it.  No….seems their plans aren’t sophisticated enough to take care of these little homeless furkids.  So we are, well, I am, grovelling.  If you saw me now, I would be on my knees, at the computer, begging you.  Please.  Purty Please.  Help these kids out!!

The WONDERFUL news, of course, is that Nina, Nigella, & Nina are all in safe hands.  Malcolm is learning to read.  He is still in Kindergarten Reading, but we expect he will excel soon.  It is SO strange going on the route and not seeing those kids!!  Of course Lloyd, Whitney, Audrey, Abiliene, B2, Knuckles, Fingers, Pop, Dodie, & Dinah are still waiting each day.  Oh….and Horton.  He is such a doll.  We rescued his pack of Mischa, Womba, & Jonesy.  Of course Womba escaped and we are still keeping our eyes out for her-and would love for you to do the same.  She was last seen around the MLK Bridge/Arch areas.  So Horton is trying to hook up with a new girl, and we told him if it gets serious he needs to use protection.  You know how they are.  They say “sure, sure, sure”.  And then they don’t.  We want to pull Horton because we think his testosterone will get the better of him (in the form of making new little Hortons-which, albeit would be adorable, but you know, gotta slow the population growth with this climate change thing  🙂  So…..anyone want to foster Horton??  And Princess RaRa who seems destined to spend her days outside because no one has even asked about fostering her.  She is a real sweetie but shy.  She would do great with someone that was okay with a shy dog and would help her learn to trust.  RaRa seems super friendly with people, just not sure of us aliens yet.  Please ask about RaRa.  She was in the documentary and she deserves a home.