Beckett’s foster mom was cleaning up his room one day and found his diary. She knew she shouldn’t read it, but she just had to. She couldn’t help but smile and laugh at some of his entries. Here are some of her favorite excerpts:

Beckett for blog wide3Dear Doggie Diary,
Humans are weird. I keep getting lots of treats and praise for doing my “business” outside. Um, where else would I do it? I mean, it would be rude to just go somewhere in the house. And yes, sometimes its hard to hold it because my foster mom works long hours, but I wouldn’t DREAM of being that gross!

Humans…can’t figure them out.

-Beckett out

Beckett for blog hor

Dear Doggie Diary,
So I know that boys aren’t supposed to like to go to the spa, so don’t tell anyone. But I LOVE it. It feels so good to get a massage and then you come out smelling so good! I mean, I end up just rolling around in the grass to get some of that funk back on me, but that isn’t the point?

Counting the days until my next Spa Day! I’m thinking facial next time.

-Beckett the Great

Beckett for blog wide34

Dear Doggie Diary,
So I was watching this TV show today and it showed a dog that was left home all day and he ended up destroying the couch! Why would a dog do that? My foster mom doesn’t have to worry about me doing that. I’m a good boy who doesn’t have to be put in a crate or special room. I just know better.

Dogs…can’t figure them out.

-Peace, Beckett

Beckett for blog wide33

Dear Doggie Diary,
BEST DAY EVER! Why? Because my foster mom took me to work with her! It was “Take Your Dog to Work Day” or something. How lucky am I? I made sure I was a really good boy and was friendly and behaved. The tricks and commands I’ve been taught really came in handy and I got to show off because other dogs aren’t as well-trained Mr. Beckett.

Everyday should be Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Big Love- Beckett

Beckett for blog hor3

Dear Doggie Diary-
Today I was thinking about all of my favorite things in my life. And I think I have it narrowed down to two things: belly rubs and walks outside. I know they are kinda opposite when you think about it, but I guess I’m just a well-rounded pup. I love to go outside and stretch my legs with a good walk or run. But then its time for cuddles and belly rubs. I love cuddle time.

-Cuddle Master Beckett

Beckett for blog wide34

Dear Doggie Diary-
I had a really great dream last night. I was walking down the street, watching the cars go by and smelling all the crazy things the world if filled with. And then I turned around to see who was holding my leash. And though I didn’t immediately recognize them, I somehow knew that they were my forever family. I could feel their love and I knew I was finally done waiting. I instantly fell on my back and insisted on belly rubs. But when I woke up, I wasn’t sad. I was excited because I knew I was one day closer to finding my family!

-Patiently waiting….Beckett

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