His foster doesn’t take him for walks; he walks his foster…

The pizza man leaves him a tip…

Thunder barks at him…

He is…the most interesting dog in the world.

Hello darlings. I’m Boone and some call me the most interesting dog in the world. I really don’t mind what you call me, as long as you call me baby.

You see… I’m looking for my forever home.


I guess you can say I’m a ladies man. That’s why my foster mom thinks my ideal adoptive family would have one or more low-energy female dogs. I love to hang with the canine ladies and give them the love and attention they deserve. I’ve also become accustomed to being crated (yes I’m crate trained) next to my female friends, so my new family will have to work with me to get the set up just right.


When I’m not giving the ladies some ‘Boone Love’, I enjoy playing with select toys and eating tennis balls (I guess that’s why I haven’t seen one of those in awhile)! I also enjoy lounging with my favorite humans. I pretend they taught me “sit” and “come”; it gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Obviously, since I’m one of the most interesting dogs in the world, I carry around some battle scars. I have a slight limp (just give me a cane and fedora) and a cataract in one eye. But I don’t let either stop me. All I need is one eye to keep on the ladies! I actually asked my foster mom for an eye patch once, but she says I’ll just eat it. I think she knows how cool I’ll look and she’s jealous.

So I guess the question is, are you ready to share your home with the most interesting dog in the world? I’m ready if you are!


Open your home to Boone, please check out our adoption process and fill out an application here: Pet Adoption Policies & Application. You may also email us at adopt@gatewaypets.com for more information.
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