2016 is in the books and we are excited to see what 2017 has in store for us!  As we continue our life-saving journey, we know we need all hands on deck!  For that reason, we have grown the Board of Directors.  These individuals are all passionate, experienced professionals who are chosen to lead the direction of the organization.

Lauren Anderson Koelker – Lauren has been a volunteer for Gateway Pet Guardians for over seven years and has been a part of the Board of Directors since 2011.  In Lauren’s professional life, she is the Brand and Content Marketing Director at the St. Louis Post Dispatch.  Her marketing background plays an important role in our marketing and fundraising efforts.  Lauren hosts and organizes the annual Trivial Pawsuit Trivia Night.  She has two adopted GPG dogs, Ozzie (formerly Ronnie) and Capone (formerly Frankie).

Dr. Ed Migneco –  From GPG’s inception in 2004, Dr. Ed Migneco has been a part of our mission.  He is the owner of Hillside Animal Hospital, where the majority of our rescued animals are seen.  His shelter medicine expertise is vitally important to our daily medical decisions.  Dr. Ed also owns the building that houses our shelter.  That building is the home of the first animal hospital in the city of St. Louis.

Blake Johnson – Blake joined the GPG Board of Directors soon after he started volunteering for the organization.  After Blake’s brother lost his life in a tragic car accident, Blake decided to dedicate time to the rescue that gave his brother the dog that he adored.  Missy now lives with Blake’s parents.  Blake is a Loan Officer at First National Bank of Waterloo.

Sue Moore – With a background in non-profit bookkeeping, Sue joined our Board of Directors to manage the ins and outs of our finances.  She has been an integral part of our financial growth.  Sue is a passionate animal lover and home rehabber.  She currently has two labradors who travel with her across the country for rehab projects or to visit her three children.

Angela Schaefer – Angie joined the GPG family when she adopted her dog, Milo.  Thankfully, she also got the foster itch and began fostering shortly after.  She now has three adopted GPG dogs (Milo, Truman and Daisy) and two other rescued pups.  Angie’s extensive background in human resources and serving on other professional boards makes her an important part of the Board of Directors.

Jennifer Dolce – Jenny is one of the newly added Board of Directors. However, she isn’t new to the Board.  Jenny served previously on the Board as the treasurer for many years.  She is also a part of one our most supportive corporate partners and philanthropic families, Metro East Industries.  Their family business is located in East St. Louis.  They bestow giving and compassion on all of their employees and clients.  Jenny’s background as the Controller of her company has been vitally important in the financial growth of GPG over the past eight years.

Janet Roberts –  Janet has served in MANY capacities over her years of volunteering with GPG.  Shelter volunteer, Adoption Event Coordinator, Adoption Program Lead and Foster Program Lead are just a few titles she has formally had.  Informally, Janet is an incredible strategic team member.  She has helped brainstorm important changes within GPG structure, developed programs and improved our ever-changing processes.  Knowing the intricacies of the daily management of our rescue makes her a key member of our board.

Julie Tristan – In 2009, a local reporter for Show Me St. Louis did a story about Gateway Pet Guardians that forever changed our impact on the community we serve.  That story showcased us for the first time to the entire St. Louis region.  And, that reporter was Julie Tristan.  Since that time, she has adopted multiple GPG pups, fostered many, continues to volunteer time at the shelter (and in other capacities) AND now serves on our Board of Directors.  We are extremely grateful to have her expertise in media and PR on the board.

Deb Dubis Foster – Deb’s career in animal rescue started before most of us fostered our first homeless animal.  With experience at Stray Rescue of St. Louis and Helping Strays of Monroe County, her knowledge of the industry is unprecedented.  In addition, as a resident of St. Clair County, Deb understands our passion for the community we serve.  Deb is also one of our new board members and we are excited to tap into her animal welfare knowledge-base as we continue to grow.

Kaite Flamm – Kaite is a long time animal welfare advocate.  As a founder of the largest trivia night in St. Louis, New Year for Strays annual trivia night, she has brought together many location rescues, shelters and spay/neuter organizations.  Professionally, Kaite is the Purina Farms Event Center Manager in Gray Summit.  Personally, Kaite is the mom of two toddler boys and two rescued dogs, one from Hurricane Katrina.  Her passion for animal welfare in our community makes her an important part of our life-saving Board of Directors.