Griswold smiling“Who’s the Moosiest moose we know, Marty Moose. Who’s the star of our favorite show, Marty Moose. M is for merry, we’re merry you see. O is for oh gosh oh golly oh gee. S is for super smile family glee, E is for everything you want to be. What’s that spell? Marty Moose!”

Oh hello there! My name is Griswold and since I am named after a famous Family and their Vacation, I can’t help but occasionally sing the Wally World Theme Song. But all of this singing about amusement parks and happy places got me to thinking. Where would my Happiest Place on Earth be?

Griswold 1 ear

Hmmm…well my first thought was a giant room full of peanut butter and Kong toys. But that may be a little impractical.

My second thought was a yard with no fences where I could run and run and run forever. But that may be very tiring and kinda lonely. And then it hit me! My happiest place on Earth would be a forever home with my very own family!

Picture this:
I would live in a home surrounded by humans who love me and let me snuggle with them all the time (a total must in my book). I would have a backyard with a tall fence (I’m a jumper, what can I say?) where I could run and play. And then when I got tired I could lie in the sun and work on my tan. Or, if it were too cold to be outside, my forever home would have a window where I could sit and stare at the world around me. It is so interesting to see what is going in the world! I am getting so excited just THINKING about it!

fistbump Gris copy

And on the flip slide, I would be the perfect pup for my forever home because let’s be honest, I’m pretty awesome! Let’s begin with the fact that I’m house broken and crate trained. And if my foster mom feels like leaving me out while she’s gone, she knows I won’t have any accidents or destroy anything. And if my family wanted to have people over, I would be the perfect host because I love anyone who wants to pet me…even kids!

Did I mention I’m smart? Its true! My foster mom takes me to a trainer each week to work on my commands and help with my tendency to become a ‘wild child’ on my leash (okay, so maybe I’m not 100% perfect, but who is?). How smart will I be? No one knows!

Help Griswold find his Happiest Place on Earth, please check out our adoption process and fill out an application here: Pet Adoption Policies & Application. You may also email us at adopt@gatewaypets.com for more information.
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