When GPG first met Shelly, she had been through a lot. She had given birth in an abandoned house and was doing her best keep her puppies alive. Once rescued it was discovered she was heartworm positive and many of her puppies didn’t survive. But through all of those obstacles, Shelly remained a sweet and lovable girl.

After she was given a clean bill of health, the search for her perfect home began. Luckily, through the networking of our awesome volunteers, Shelly found her forever home!

Here’s what Shelly’s new mom had to say:

“Shelly, now Ali, moved to my home in New Haven, CT at the time of adoption. She smoothly transitioned into our tiny family! She has one brother, a 10-year-old black lab mix named JD. Ali went to the beach her first day home, a favorite thing we do in the fall and winter. JD is very active, so I’ve been introducing her to the same activities. She loves to play at the dog park and fit in perfectly at happy hour at our favorite dog bakery. She absolutely loves squeaky toys and belly rubs. We’re working on training with the goal of certification as a therapy dog. Ali recently celebrated her 3rd birthday.”