The Adventures of Timmy and Mr. Kong

Once upon a time an 8-year old Terrier mix met a special toy he named Mr. Kong (he isn’t very creative). At first Timmy wasn’t sure what to think of his rubber companion, but after a few sniffs and nudges, they became inseparable.kongonfloor2

The dynamic duo started going on many adventures together and learning life lessons. Here are just a few:

–Backyard Blitz
Since partnering up, Timmy and Mr. Kong go on daily patrols of the backyard in which they walk the fence line to look for enemy invaders (and go potty, since Timmy is house-trained, BONUS!). One day, Timmy sensed a presence he hadn’t felt since his early days as a pup. With one swift movement (well, swift for a chubby kid), Timmy turned to see his fluffy-tailed nemesis. Quickly, Timmy alerted his foster family with a bark, and with Mr. Kong in tow, he rid the yard of the pesky vermin. Crisis averted, Timmy and Mr. Kong retreated to his perch for a well-deserved nap.


–Couch Conqueror
When Timmy first appeared on his “foster scene”, he encountered an obstacle he couldn’t quite overcome: The Couch. You see, Timmy is a little overweight (but losing weight and hitting the gym) and he couldn’t figure out a way to get on the couch. He really wanted to, he would stammer a bit and even prop his paws on the cushions. But, for all his trying, he couldn’t make it happen. That all changed after Timmy paired up with Mr. Kong! Timmy feels Mr. Kong gives him special powers that allow him to conquer anything. And he was right!

— Friends in Low (and High) Places
When we last met our famed twosome, Timmy and Mr. Kong were enjoying a comfortable life in their compound (foster home). Little did they know their solace was about to be interrupted. One summer day, a strange lady, a small human, and a dog walked into the house. Timmy grabbed Mr. Kong and retreated to watch how his foster parents would receive the group. Intrigued, Timmy noticed his foster mom seemed very happy to see them. Carefully, Timmy and Mr. Kong approached the humans and dog and quickly realized they were friend, not foe. Yet another lesson for Timmy…humans, tiny humans and other dogs can be fun!


–Home is where the Crate is
Bedtime can be hard on a dog. Some dogs don’t understand when its time to go to sleep or they have too much energy from napping all day. Others don’t want to sleep in their crate; they want to be on the bed with their human companions. These pups usually cry and whine to try to get their way. But Timmy has learned that sleep in important and there’s nothing better than having your own space to stretch out! With his buddy Mr. Kong, Timmy goes directly in his crate, without prompting from his foster mom. How perfect can he be?

Timmy and Mr. Kong are excited about the many adventures each day brings! All they need now is a forever family to share them with. Please check out our adoption process and fill out an application here: Pet Adoption Policies & Application. You may also email us at adopt@gatewaypets.com for more information.

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