My husband and I were 4 days out from our honeymoon when this photo crossed my desk. At the time, I was GPG’s Foster Placement Coordinator, and it was my job to get dogs and cats into foster homes as quickly as possible to avoid overfilling the shelter. Though it happens from time to time, in this particular case our newest rescue, a 4 year old black & white pittie, could not reside in a kennel because she was rocking a big ole pregnant belly. Those eyes spoke to me, and minutes later, I was pleading with my husband to let me bring her home.

He caved.

I named her Frida and fell in love with her instantly. A low rider pitbull with cropped ears and a fat head is kiiiiind of my thing. And she was special. So nervous but very sweet, she handled my over excited resident dogs well and completely ignored my cats. “This is going to work,” I thought.

The next afternoon, we headed to the vet to give her puppies a once over, but to our surprise – there were none. MASSIVE gas bubbles bloated her belly. Now the earth-shaking pibble farts made more sense. She had over eaten at Animal Control, and that was her ticket out of there. I had to give it to her; faking a pregnancy for rescue was brilliant!

The Rescue Team and I had a good laugh, and we were happy to bring Frida and her gas bubble babies into the GPG family. I couldn’t get her off my mind while we were away on our honeymoon. How was I so obsessed with a dog I barely even knew? We had to act fast if we were going to decide to keep her. A gorgeous girl with a rockstar temperament like that doesn’t typically stick around.

Despite our hesitance around owning 3 dogs and 2 cats, we took the plunge and made it official. We nursed her back to health, and her wounds healed beautifully. She’s been such a hoot to have around! While she definitely has her quirks, like squawking like an exotic bird and pulling like a freight train on leash, I wouldn’t change a thing. Our little family is complete.