Meet Brutus, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!!!

This week it’s time to introduce Brutus, an adoptable dog in St. Louis!!! Brutus was rescued a month ago from St. Clair Animal Control. He was part of a family of dogs whose owner had surrendered to Animal Control. Luckily, we were able to rescue him and his siblings! Brutus is currently residing at the shelter and is looking for his forever home!

Meet Brutus, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!!!

Brutus is a medium-sized Shepherd Mix. He is neutered and up-to-date on his shots. He is a younger dog, but his age is unknown. He has a beautiful tan, black, and white coat. It is so soft and fluffy that it makes it impossible to stop petting him! Also, how about those stunningly sharp eyes? Brutus looks like an old soul!

In just a month’s time, Brutus has definitely come a long way! He came to GPG very shy and scared. Thanks to the daily interactions and love that he gets from our shelter volunteers, he’s slowly but surely coming out of his shell. It helps to spend some quiet time with Brutus so he can get to know you. Once he gets to know someone, he becomes comfortable enough for kisses and hugs.  Who doesn’t love doggy XOXOs, especially from such a handsome boy like Brutus? He is currently working on leash training.

Meet Brutus, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!!! Meet Brutus, An Adoptable Dog in St. Louis!!!

Brutus needs a family who is willing work with him to overcome some of his trust issues. He is such a sweet boy and would make a wonderful pet to a loving family! If  you would like to give Brutus a chance, learn about our adoption process and fill out an application here: Pet Adoption Policies & Application. You may also email us at adopt@gatewaypets.com for more information. We are always looking for foster parents as well. Each time a shelter dog goes to a home, GPG can make room for another rescue dog. Please check out our foster page for more information here: Foster A Pet.

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