T Bone is looking for a foster home or forever home!!

Monday’s Shelter Dog is T Bone! He’s a very handsome American Pit Bull Terrier Mix who is approximately 1 year & 9 months old. T Bone is very sweet, full of personality and has a white stripe down his face that’s the perfect place to leave a trail of kisses! He’s keeping our Shelter Staff company until he finds a foster home or forever home.

T Bone is kennel trained, neutered, microchipped, current on his shots and on heartworm preventative and flea & tick protection. Although he gets along with most dogs, he would be happiest as the only pet in his forever home. He hasn’t met any children or cats yet but because of his energy level, we believe he’d do best in a home with kids older than twelve.

This handsome pooch is all about affection! T Bone loves to cuddle, give kisses and be close to the Shelter Staff. He really enjoys it when they hang out with him in his kennel and give him a lot of attention.  He likes to lean on them, snuggle with them or lay across their laps while he chews on rawhides and gets belly rubs. The quickest way to this sweet guy’s heart, and the best way to get a big smile out of him, is through his belly, whether it’s rubs, scratches or yummy treats!

T Bone is energetic & very playful and he believes playing is an important part of life. He loves running around  outside & doing zoomies, he has a blast playing soccer with the Shelter Staff and he can entertain himself for hours with a squeaky ball or soccer ball.  It’s fun to watch him play fetch by himself as he throws toys in the air and catches them!

He loves being outdoors, has the time of his life playing in the snow and enjoys going for walks & jogging.  T Bone would be great as a running partner and would do best in a home where he’d have the opportunity to burn off some  energy daily to keep him healthy & happy. He walks great with an Easy Walk Harness but pulls on a leash, which he’s working on.

T Bone is also learning how to sit, he pays attention to the Shelter Staff and follows routines nicely, such as going straight to his bed after being brought inside so they can get his collar off. He’s also learned that if he’s a good boy and doesn’t try to sneak out as his kennel door is shutting, he gets a treat! T Bone be attending K9 classes soon to learn good doggie manners, make new friends and learn how to share toys nicely.

Besides being extremely handsome and fun to be around, T Bone has a few silly quirks that just make us love him even more! He likes to put all of his toys under his bed, he has a goofy bark that sounds like a puppy’s and he likes to rearrange his kennel by pushing his bed and water bowl around. While those are things that makes us laugh and show what a silly guy he is, he does have one thing he’s really scared of and that is umbrellas.

T Bone was in pretty bad shape when we rescued him, he was emaciated with a hurt leg and had a dislocated hip. We had his hip replaced, put food in the belly he loves to have rubbed and his recovery has gone very well! He walks great, runs and goes jogging for a good distance before getting tired.  It doesn’t slow him down at all!

Do you have room in your heart & home for T Bone? If so, please learn about our adoption process & fill out an application. Pet Adoption Policies and Application.

You may also email us at adopt@gatewaypets.com for more information.

T Bone looks forward to finding a foster home or forever home who is ready for a sweet, loving & active boy who will give them plenty of kisses! If you’d like to give this handsome boy a temporary home until he finds his forever home Become A Gateway Pet Guardians Foster.