Wow it’s been a really busy time for Gateway Pet Guardians!!  Pj was able to pull Yella, a dog that had been shot in the past and was living on the streets of East St. Louis.  Pj wanted to rescue him long ago but someone claimed him, although this person would not even allow Pj to give him medical attention.  Apparently Yella’s person burned down his own home and is no longer living on that street.  Yella remained.  And the dog that only let Pj pet him a few times throughout the years, is now a TOTAL snugglebug.  He is perfectly housebroken, walks well on a leash, and seems fine passing other dogs while he is walking around the park.  We really need to free up the space for Malcolm, Nigel & Nigella.  Does anyone think they could foster this guy?  He seems very easy!!  You will fall in love with him!   Then we have a clip of some feedings from September.  This clip includes Nevada, a dog that had an embedded collar.  In this clip, Nevada’s collar is just too tight, but he does not have the incredible wounds caused by it being embedded yet.  Within the past week Nevada’s collar was very badly embedded and needed medical attention right away.  He was always drooling because he couldn’t even swallow right.  He could barely eat anything and it was only a matter of days that he would proably perish due to the fact that someone put a collar on the poor kid when he was young, and never once loosened it.  Well, Pj was able to pull Nevada today and he finally got his collar removed.  He will take some time healing but apparently he is just a complete doll.  Sweet as can be.  He also needs a foster!