2013: March/April Edition


[icon icon=”link” color=”#ffffff” circle=”#444″]Kokomo’s Story[/icon]

kokomoIt had only been a few weeks since P.J. began feeding Kokomo on her regular route. And as Tim Buchek (Gateway Pet Guardians saint, rescuer, volunteer, do-er, etc.) described it – there was just something a bit different about Kokomo. Usually stray dogs tend to join-up in packs, but young Kokomo was an alone out on the streets of East St. Louis, and she wasn’t feral. Rescue Me  [spacer height=”6px”] [divider]

[icon icon=”link” color=”#ffffff” circle=”#444″]Tips for First Time Pet Adopters[/icon]

I was recently approached by a former coworker who’d had a bad experience with a botched adoption attempt from her local rescue. She felt a bit scarred by the incident and wanted to wait a while before she and her husband tried again, but this time she wanted to be prepared.  What to look for… →

[icon icon=”link” color=”#ffffff” circle=”#444″]GPG is Growing – Welcome Our New Board Members[/icon]

Over the last three years, Gateway Pet Guardians has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2013, we’re taking another big step toward making our organization one of the best. Meet three brand new board members who are looking forward to positively impacting our organization.  Meet the “newbies”→

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[icon icon=”link” color=”#ffffff” circle=”#444″]Healthy Living: Is Your Pet Obese?[/icon]

Obesity in animals can cause many problems, including kidney disease, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. A pet’s life expectancy can even decrease. As we all love our animals and want them to live healthy, long lives, it’s time to extend a favorite New Year’s resolution to our pets.

Check out these tips on getting your favorite furry friend into shape.  Feel the Burn →

[icon icon=”link” color=”#ffffff” circle=”#444″]Hidden Gem: Fostering Pets is a Selfish Act![/icon]

There are lots of selfless reasons to foster a dog or cat – you help a poor, homeless animal who may be barely surviving on the streets, braving the elements, parasites, other dangerous animals, and human cruelty. You also help relieve other beleaguered humanitarians and shelters who are overwhelmed with too many dogs to care for. And you also help transform a ragged street animal into a beautiful pet for another family.

But seriously, who cares about all that? Allow me to channel Ayn Rand a bit, and look at some of the selfish reasons to foster a dog or cat.

Fido Shrugged →

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