Last week, a community member contacted us about a female dog left outside their home in a crate. Aside from an injured tail, she seemed to be in good condition, laying next to her water bowl at ease. When we opened the crate, she happily greeted us with lots of hugs and sloppy kisses. Once we brought her back to our Pet Resource Center, our clinic team examined her and ultimately decided that having her tail amputated would be the best course of action for what appeared to be an old injury. The pup, who we affectionately named Nubbins, is now happy as ever in a loving foster home. We can only speculate that Nubbin’s owner did not have the resources to take care of her and made the difficult decision to leave her with a family who had dogs of their own. We are so incredibly grateful for our pet welfare community who step up to help pets in need like Nubbins.

Watch Nubbins story on our TikTok channel – Nubbins Rescue Video | Nubbins Intake Video