Tragedy struck Letitia’s East St. Louis home a little over a week ago when her house caught fire. Sadly, she lost two kittens in the blaze, but was able to save one cat, Furball. We heard about Letitia in the local newspaper, and couldn’t imagine the devastation and loss she felt. We felt compelled to reach out to her, to offer our services, and to show her she has friends that care for her and her feline companions.

Fast forward to today, and Letitia and her friend Furball are doing just fine. Furball is overcoming smoke inhalation, but growing stronger by the day. We stopped by her house and offered her the basic necessities–kitty litter, a litter box, food and treats, and even signed Furball up for free spay/neuter services once she’s healthy thanks to our partnership with Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic and BARC. It’s a small gesture, but one which we hope inspires hope. Seeing the bond between Letitia and Furball is a reminder of why we care so deeply about keeping pets with their people. In times of crisis and tragedy, they show their strength and devotion.

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