Patches after

Patches was rescued from a junk yard in East St. Louis. His mange was so bad, he was almost unrecognizable as a dog. Scabbed, bleeding and practically hairless, he would have been doomed to live out his short days in horrible discomfort. But thankfully, GPG volunteers found him and were able to trap him and bring him in for immediate veterinary care.



With the worst of it behind him, Patches felt and acted much better than he looked for quite some time until he lost all of his scabs and began to grow his hair back.  But eventually, he became the adorable Golden-mix pup you see at the top of this page.

Patches as been adopted and is currently living the good life in his forever home.

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If Patches’ story touched your heart, consider making a donation in his honor to the Gateway Pet Guardians Second Chance Fund to help save other strays just like him.

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