Gateway Pet Guardians has been awarded a $1,700 grant investment from the Petco Foundation to help a rescued pet fight cancer by covering his cost of care.

Everson was rescued by Gateway Pet Guardians from the urgent list at our local animal on February 24, 2020 and was diagnosed with mast cell tumors, eight total. He was adopted by his foster mom, Krista, with the understanding that GPG would pay for surgery to remove his tumors and any other related treatment. She had just lost her dog to cancer in January 2020 and was devastated, but fell quickly for sweet Everson.

Everson had surgery to remove the tumors on April 16, but after six had been removed, he began having issues and had to be pulled out of anesthesia to save his life. Three of the tumors were sent off to be biopsied. He has two remaining tumors that still need to be removed. After his second surgery, our veterinarian is hopeful that he will go on to live a long and happy life without further cancer treatment.

Gateway Pet Guardians is incredibly thankful to the Petco Foundation for awarding this lifesaving grant. By contributing to Everson’s cost of care, our funds can stretch further to impact even more pets in need.

This investment was made possible through funds raised during the Petco Foundation’s annual Pet Cancer Awareness campaign, in partnership with Blue Buffalo Pet Foods. Each May during the campaign, Petco customers are invited to donate online and in Petco locations nationwide to join the fight against pet cancer.