Wow.  It has been a busy rescue time for Gateway!  Pj was able to rescue Leela, Dinah’s puppy, who had fallen into the sewer.  On this video you can see Leela still living on the street and Pj telling me that we can never rescue her unless she was trapped.  Well, she “trapped” herself by falling into the sewer.  Pj tried to rescue her when she noticed, but Leela had scurried away down there, deep into the manhole.  Pj was completely in the manhole, but Leela could get a lot of places Pj couldn’t.  So Pj left food for her and kept coming back to see if she had eaten.  Leela hadn’t eaten.  But sixty hours later, and with the help of “PuppyPaul”, Pj & Paul were able to use ropes and some “Yankee Engineering” to rescue Little Leela.  It took 4 hours!!  But in the end GPG has a wonderful new addition to our family, Puppy Leela.  Leela is in a foster home now and currently interviewing potential forever mommies and daddies.

Then we have Puppy Phil.  Phil is a doll, and full of character.  A mix of daschund & Corgie, Phil is already fully grown and is a small little guy.  So if you are in the market for a small dog with lots of spunk, well, you just must meet Phil!

And Nina….now spelled “Neena”.  We finally rescued Nina, who is Nigel & Nigella’s mom.  These three dogs have been on GPG’s feeding route for years now and we have all grown to love them.  We “love” them all, but once you see a dog for such a long period of time, it’s pretty darn hard not to grow attached.  At the same time your brain is saying, “These dogs could disappear anytime, anyday, any second.  Don’t get hurt”.  But then you find yourself just surrendering to the “experience” and your are too tired to try to “distance” yourself.  You just try to live in the moment and love them fully when you are present with them.  And when you leave, they stay in your hearts until the next visit.  Nina had TVT, which is a doggie STD,  but is very treatable.  We had to pull her so she wouldn’t get worse.  And that day we had 3 rescues total.  I am itching (and they are itching too, but in a very literal way) to get Nigel & Nigella before winter.  I am so worried that this really will be their last winter.  It looks like they are finally “rescuable” for various reasons.  What’s stopping us?  We need fosters!!!!!  Now we either need a foster for Nigel & Nigella OR we need a foster for Yella, a beautiful well-tempered boy who was just rescued last week.  Yella had been shot at in the past, and last week was being bullied by some kids.  Yella trusted Pj enough that day, to let Pj grab him.  A man used to claim Yella, but that man’s house has burned down and the man is no longer around.


Below is the Rescue of Nina/Neena.  It was a TERRIBLE feeling to leave Nigel & Nigella.  Can you guys help us find a foster for them or for Yella so we can get these guys before they die out here?  My gut tells me it’s their turn, and also Malcolm’s.  They have all “done their time” on the streets and really deserve to have it be their turn.  Their turn to get in the car with Pj.  Can we please find a way to do this??