This evening, we received a call from a community member about a stray dog in her neighborhood. She found a beautiful brown poodle with matted fur. We drove over to her place to scan the dog for a microchip, with hopes that he might be owned. Sure enough, he was microchipped, and it turned out he received it through our Spay/Neuter Program! His name was Honey. We called his owner, who almost broke down in tears over the phone. Honey had been missing for over two months and had wandered far from home. We happily delivered Honey back home to his family, and also connected his owner with a grooming service to cut the mats out of his fur.

We are thankful to be able to provide free microchips with our spay/neuter services. Time and time again, they have saved lives by allowing us to return pets to their loving families! If you’d like to help us save more lives, consider donating to our Spay/Neuter Program.