Rachel PearlinePuppies have healing powers. No, they can’t cure illness or disease. But they can cure a moment. With just a single look, they can send you into a whirlwind of love and happiness and pure joy. When they lick your hands and face, there’s no better feeling in the world. When they lay in a deep sleep, nestled in your arms, oblivious to the world around, it makes you forget your surroundings and listen only to their rhythmic breathing. And when they wake up, eyes looking straight at you as if you’re the only thing in their world – this can cure any moment, no matter how dreary.

Every puppy we rescue, we are aware of the little miracle we hold in our hands. The little body that will grow up to be man’s best friend, and who has the potential to change someone’s life for the better. And we love sharing these little miracles and their healing powers with the world. Which is why, when we received a call requesting this puppy medicine for a very special person, we didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

Her friends describe her as strong and motivated. We describe her as beautiful and inspirational. Rachel Pearline has been battling gastric cancer since January 2014, and through this battle, she has been a true inspiration to everyone around her. She has a love for her family and friends that is evident as soon as you meet her. She enjoys traveling, and has devoted her life to helping others. But the past few days have been difficult for Rachel and her family, and her prognosis has taken a turn for the worse. Her family knew she needed some help, a “cure for the moment,” and they reached out to Gateway Pet Guardians to see if a few of our puppies could deliver their healing powers.

Yesterday, four of our puppies stopped by Rachel’s house for a four-hour visit, delivered by volunteers just as eager to meet this special woman. At just four weeks old, these puppies are already aware of the special gift they possess. They snuggled up with her for hours, sleeping peacefully in her lap, while Rachel and her family visited with the volunteers. The room radiated with love and happiness.

The puppies possess a small, but powerful gift. Thank you, Rachel, for inviting them into your home so they can share it with you. We are so thankful to have met a new friend in such a wonderful person. You and your family are, and always will be, in our thoughts.

Rachel Pearline


Rachel Pearline and Family

Photos courtesy of Kris Williams, TC Photography.