Today three of Gateway Pet Guardians board members attended a tour of Purina Farms and their new event center located in Gray Summit, MO as part of a tour given by the St. Louis Petlover Coalition. We had a blast!

Julia Mittelstadt, our president, Lisa Boyer, a board member, and myself (Ashley, VP) went down to the facility at Gray Summit early this morning and met up with a group invited by the coalition. We toured the visitors center which consisted of a giftshop and museum, as well as a barn with horses, cows, some chickens, and even a bunny and some piglets!

From there, we went to the training area where the competition dogs are trained. They had the most amazing cat house I’ve ever seen! It was three stories tall and looked like a real house – even the cats are trained to do tricks and put on a show! We also played with the most adorable little kittens that were being evaluated for training.

From there, we watched the dogs put on a show! Lots of high flying frisbee catching, a couple of agility runs, and then the dock dogs. They even had a little pot bellied pig who ran the agility course too!



We also got to see an all breed dog show going on in the new Purina Event Center. Purina Farms is open to the public any time! It’s a great family destination, and dogs are welcome, too.

The St. Louis Petlover Coalition is a working group formed by Purina of public and private, large and small, city and county animal service providers formed to improve the lives of dogs and cats in the St. Louis community. Gateway Pet Guardians is a Petlover Partner.