Bebe with her new friendPurina employees and their families received puppy kisses overload when Kenny, Butters, BeBe, Pepe, Animal, and Sweetums made an appearance at Purina Family Day on August 23rd. Purina Farms was reserved for Purina employees and their families for the day, and the event featured rides, dog shows, and pets available for adoption. Gateway Pet Guardians was invited to participate and provide exposure for the puppies and the organization.

The event drew thousands of guests of all ages, and the puppies were a popular attraction. The event was great for the dogs as well, as it gave them an opportunity for socialization and attracted potential adopters. The dogs took the large crowd in stride, enjoying being passed from arm to arm and playing with each other.

In addition to inviting GPG to the event, Purina donated Target gift cards and several boxes of pet supplies. Sweetums also met her family at the event, and the other puppies received socialization and met potential adopters.