In September I had the great opportunity of seeing “Gateway Guardians” at Winnie Moore Theatre in Webster and hearing the filmmaker, Rebecca Ormond, answer some questions from Mike Steinberg. This is Part 1. We are so grateful to Rebecca of Matriarch Motion Pictures for sharing her love with us! As you know, our big Soiree is THIS THURSDAY, November, 18, 2010 6:30-10:00 p.m. during the Webster Film Festival. The entire party, with movie included is 50.00. And of course all proceeds go towards helping the wonderful dogs in the movie and the current ones living on the streets of East St. Louis. We are continuing work on our mission of building a shelter with spay/neuter capabilities in this under served area. Click here for all the details. If you can’t make it to the whole event, please just check out the movie!! But if you can make it to the party, we have yummy treats from MatchMeats and a great guitarist, John Mcclelland who is shown on the link with his duo. We might get lucky and hear him play some Piazzolla. I am putting in my request now!

And some of our other press!!!! Which we are so GRATEFUL for! First we have our beautiful Amie Simmons, who I recognized when I saw only her feet from her adorable Hunter Boots 🙂 promoting the grand gala this Thursday on Fox2. Click here to see Amie, Amie’s boots, and Cally, an adorable dog who needs a forever home.

And we got a write-up in the Riverfront Times. Click here to read!

Our lovely Jamie with Sonny, one of our favorite pups who has had a difficult start. Click here to see Sonny on Fox 2.

Another write-up on Sonny here from “The Examiner”.