Another video of RaRa.  The girl that was in the documentary, and still is on the streets.  This was the actual day I had mentioned earlier.  The day that we thought she may not be there.  Pj hadn’t seen her for 2 days and was saying we would probably find her dead.  It’s so difficult after you have seen her time & time again.  Seen her whole life on the streets.  We would love to give this girl a chance at a “real life” that would include a family & a roof over her head.  Any takers?  I have a feeling that she could be an escape artist in the beginning, as she is still shy.  So tall privacy fences are a plus.

Also, we see Lloyd, Audrey, and a new dog!  Lloyd is another one that has been on the streets for years.  He has always been a favorite, but we have never had a foster.  Totally adorable with a little “beard”.  Seems there has always been a dog “more in need” so sometimes the dogs that are “fine” get pushed further down the list, until they aren’t “fine” any longer.  We would love to pull Lloyd, if we continue to see him.  Would anyone like to foster this sweetheart.  Remember, we pay the medical bills.  You provide the love, nurturing, and a space in your heart and home.  If paying for dog food is the only thing holding you back from fostering, then contact us.  We know these are unique times, and sometimes really great people have homes & time on their hands (because of lost jobs!) and it may actually be a great time to foster!  You might be needing some extra love yourself these days, and maybe a purpose.  This will fill your heart more than any old 401K could, ever…..Your net worth to these dogs in need, does not fluctuate with the stockmarket.

We also see Audrey, who was “Humphrey’s” sidekick.  She is still very elusive, and now we realize the other gal who had gotten so close to use prior, was probably a relative.  Not the “real” Audrey!  This video has the “real” Audrey, who is still super shy, yet has found some new friends.  We also see a “new” dog hanging out with Lloyd & Audrey.