We met sweet Lydia after a community member called us for help. A dog in distress had taken residence in their yard. Upon arrival, we noticed the dog, who we later named Lydia, desperately needed emergency veterinary care. She was missing a leg and had trauma to the foot on another leg and smelled of infection. We picked her up and rushed her to the vet, where she immediately received treatment. The video below shares her rescue.

Lydia had her leg amputated and two toes on another foot amputated, as well. Unfortunately, during surgery she coded. The vet staff fought long and hard to save her–and she did pull through, but her condition was guarded. Lydia then spent several days at the emergency vet with around-the-clock monitoring. We were unsure how the lack of oxygen would affect her brain and other organs–we were hoping for a miracle.

While at the vet, Lydia received visitors that brought her fresh salmon and treats. She gobbled them down, but we knew she was struggling. She was released to a foster home, who cared for her day and night. Unfortunately, her condition deteriorated. A week after rescue, we had to say good-bye to our sweet Lydia.

We are heartbroken at her loss, but feel comfort knowing she was loved and had so many people rooting for her. We love you, dear Lydia. You left a special mark on our hearts, and we will always remember you.