Once a week, our friends at Y98 St. Louis film and share a video of an adoptable pup in a series called “Rescue Me.” These videos help potential adopters see how they interact with others, what their personality is like, and other important information about the featured dog. We decided to follow up with some of the featured dogs post-adoption to see what their life is like now. Enjoy!


Adopting Scout (FKA Riddler) was the best decision we’ve ever made. He greets us every day with his tail wagging, or should I say butt shaking! He loves cuddling, sprinting around our apartment, playing tug-of-war, and chomping on ice cubes and bully sticks. He also loves going on walks, hikes, and just enjoyed his first overnight camping trip! One of our favorite daily rituals with Scout is his series of loud yawns (howls) in the morning before our walk. We’re convinced he’s meant to be a sports therapy dog, since he’s constantly coming over to nuzzle us when we’re stressed during Blues games. He makes us laugh and smile every day (even when we’re trying to keep a straight face). Thanks GPG for helping us find the perfect addition to our family!

– Alexandra Dansicker


Rossy, is now known as Bella. She’s wonderful and a great addition to our family. We also adopted Sniper from Gateway and we have two fantastic pets that we couldn’t live without. Thank you GPG!

– Lisa Buffington




I saw Ellie’s (Ellen’s) video on Jill’s website and instantly thought she might be a good addition to our family. We had been without a dog for about a year and a half and Ellie instantly filled the void in our hearts. She is the perfect mix of play and snuggles and loves her two-legged siblings. We can’t imagine our family without her! Thank you for posting videos to promote GPG adoption. In my opinion the video gives people a better perception of the dog than just pictures. Your time is not wasted – it is a great effort for a fur baby to be rescued which is priceless!

– Holly Julius


Cheri was renamed Arya, after a character from the Game of Thrones show, and she has been enjoying her time with me and my family since I adopted her in late Sept. 2016. She is such a lovable dog, always following me around and jumping up on furniture to snuggle. Arya is a little rambunctious at times, but her obedience training and keeping her busy help keep her out of trouble. She loves running laps around the yard, barking at and chasing after squirrels, and playing rough with other medium-sized dogs. Since Arya is a pit-mix, she sometimes scares new people, but once they get to know her, she wins over their hearts and helps break the negative stereotypes associated with pit bulls. She currently lives with my parents in Creve Coeur during the week while I am at work long hours and comes to spend the weekends with me in South City. My parents have become so used to her that they admitted to preferring her over their own dogs! They may take her in the future, but for now, we’re sharing her. Arya is the queen of both homes and yards she spends her time in!

– Danielle Zemmel


I adopted Dandelion in late July 2016 and gave her the name Delilah. She remains as sweet and playful as ever. She hasn’t met a toy she doesn’t like, and can shred stuffed toys in record time. Her favorite is a Kong chew filled with either peanut butter or string cheese. Delilah can sit, lay down, “go to her bed” and give both her paw and “other paw,” and is now learning “up.” She does great in a crate and loves to snuggle on the couch with myself or her “Fur Dad” and favorite playmate, Tim. She enjoys taking long walks through Creve Couer Lake Park and dipping her paws in the water, as well as making as many doggie friends as she can.

– Monica Kozaczka


Rumi loves to bound around the yard like a silly deer with one of his fur-sisters, and has daily wrestling matches with the other. And every night he curls up half on top of me in bed and stays there to sleep. I’m so glad this sweet, goofy boy joined my family!

– Taylor Snead



Miss Sasha

Sasha joined our family in October 2016, and we can’t imagine life without her! Many things remain true for Sasha. She loves cuddling under the blankets, playing with squeaky toys (well, playing rip the squeaker out of squeaky toys), riding in the car, and running around outside. She’s still an only pet kind of a gal, but enjoys playing with her friends at day camp once a week, and has become such a sweetheart to guests and visitors. Her smile melts our hearts everyday, and she is the best welcome home greeter in the world, no matter if we’ve been gone for a few hours or a few minutes. We’re so grateful for Sasha, her little bit of sass, and her lotta bit of kisses.

– Ashley Karth

Little Debbie

Meet the pup formerly known as Little Debbie, this is Libby! She came to our home January 10th and we are so fortunate to have her. She’s sweet, smart, loving and playful. She loves playing tug with her cousin Harley, who she met when Harley was a tiny pup. Her mothering skills showed in how gently she played with her. She also visits her friend Bea regularly and has learned lots from her, like “hoop” (jumping through a hula hoop for a treat) and the find game (seeking out hidden treats). She’s super smart, especially when a treat is involved. She’s easily learned sit, stay, shake, high five, and lay down. She recently joined Southwest City Dog Park where she can get a good run off leash and sniff all the dogs. She’s developing her patio manners and has visited quite a few pup friendly places with us. She’s basically a regular at Ryder’s Tavern. When she’s not galavanting around South City, she enjoys sunbathing on her back stoop. This little girl has brought lots of joy and laughter to our home. Andy the cat is still warming up to her but they are making progress, mostly when they are both tired and ready for snuggles. We are so happy to have found her. Thank you, Gateway Pet Guardians, for saving her!

– Jolena Rothweil


Clay is doing great! He fits right in with our little family. He loves walks, playing fetch in the backyard, going to the park, enjoys trying to keep up with our toddler & sleeping in bed with us every night…yes, he has his own spot.

– Shannon Richardson


These dogs have found their happily ever afters, but we still have several looking for one to call their own! Check out the Y98 St. Louis video series to see some of the adorable videos featured on Rescue Me, and learn more about adopting by visiting www.gatewaypets.com/adopt!

Rescue Me with Jill Devine Video Series