Over the past several years, we have worked on growing and strengthening our relationships with community members in the Metro East through our Community Outreach Program. And through our conversations with the residents, we have recognized a need that has not yet been addressed within the community. It’s not uncommon to stumble across a stray dog running at large, or meet a family that has found a dog, unsure of where to turn. Because of this, GPG has created an East Side Lost/Found Pets Facebook page, with the purpose of reuniting lost and found pets with their owners.

East Side Lost/Found Pets Facebook Page

East Side Lost/Found Pets Facebook Page

The page is run by Gateway Pet Guardians’ volunteers. As animals are found within the community, they are posted on this page so the power of social networking can help reunite that animal with its owner. Similarly, when we meet residents who have lost a pet, we share their information with the same goal in mind. We also partner with St. Clair County Animal Control and share animals in Animal Control, with the hope that their owners will find them.

Natalie Creamer, Community Impact Team Lead, comments about what we have observed over the past few years of working with the community. “We found that when one of our families was missing their pet, they didn’t know where to turn for help, but also that the community is so close knit that if a dog was running loose, often times neighbors would know exactly where his/her home was. Our hope for this page is that people share it with their family and friends and this will be the first place they turn if they find a pet or if they are missing a pet.”

The page has been a blessing to many families in the Metro East. If you live in the area or have any connections, we encourage you to like this page and help spread the word. Just one share can make a difference in the life of an owned pet, because by reuniting pets with their people, we are keeping them out of overcrowded local shelters and in their loving homes.

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