In hard times, we turn to those that give us unconditional love–our pets. At eight years old, little Rocky had devoted his life to his family, especially his momma who has been diagnosed with cancer.

But one day, Rocky went missing. His family had no idea where he went. Days went by. Weeks went by. Still no luck. Until one day, they reached out to Gateway Pet Guardians.

Turns out, Rocky had been picked up as a stray by Animal Control. His family did not know to look for him at the county facility. After his stray hold, Gateway Pet Guardians pulled him and he went to live in a foster home. When we learned he had a family out there missing him, we knew he needed to return home to those that love him!

His family burst into tears seeing Rocky, and Rocky was so excited to see them! We can tell how much Rocky means to their family, and we’re so grateful that Rocky got to return home to his momma’s side–right where he belongs.

Our move to East St. Louis will make more happy tails like these possible. With our facility located in the heart of East St. Louis, families will know where to look for their lost pets, but also where to turn to access supplies to help contain their pets like tie-outs, collars and leashes. Stay tuned for more happy tails!