Jenga hung out in the same yard for months with a broken leg. She seemed scared of us and would run, rather limp away when we pulled up to feed her. We did not think we would ever be able to catch her, especially because she stayed in the same yard all of the time and we were unsure if they would allow us to take her. One day, she just walked right up to PJ and said, “I have had enough of this pain, please help.”

How could we refuse? We are writing you today to ask you to please donate whatever you can to try to save Jenga’s leg. We have had her evaluated, and one way or another we need to do something about her poor leg. They are going to try to save it, but may have to amputate. They will not know until they get in there. Jenga would like to be pain free for 2010. Will you please donate to help her get that way? The cost is about $2000, so anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated, large and small.