Last week, we received a call from a family that desperately needed help. Their dog had an accidental litter and they were overwhelmed. They needed help finding homes for the entire litter.

We knew finding placement for nine puppies was going to be a challenge, so we started reaching out to partner organizations. Our friends at Belleville Area Humane Society immediately raised their hand, indicating they had space for six of the babies. We also had a foster lined up for the remaining three. We called the family and coordinated pick up of the entire litter.

After speaking again with the family, they were excited to also learn they could get their three adult dogs fixed for free through our Spay/Neuter Program. When we picked up the puppies, they gave us a giant hug and were so thankful to return to their home and immediately clean their kitchen, which was a mess from nine tiny puppies!

Huge thank you to our friends at Belleville Area Humane Society for partnering with us on this case, the family for calling for help, and our fosters for stepping up so we could say “yes” to this family. And thank you to Best Friends Animal Society for financially supporting our Intake, Networking, and Diversion Program to make stories like this possible!