Poor Momma Denise, she’s a medical mess. Denise came to us in early January from animal control. She was thought to be feral and had to be humanely trapped.

Denise was VERY pregnant and very emaciated and gave birth to TWELVE healthy babies in a foster home shortly after being rescued.  

In addition to being heartworm positive, Momma Denise also has two badly broken, infected molars that will need to be removed, needs entropion eye surgery on both eyes and was diagnosed with Giardia and a UTI.  It is shocking that this sweet momma was able to care for and nurse all of her babies being in such terrible condition.

She’s on a bunch of meds while we work to put some weight on her and then she’ll have her surgeries. Her care will cost somewhere between $1500-$2000.

For now, Momma Denise is enjoying the couch life in her foster home and we can’t wait to see her all healthy and filled out.  Her babies have weaned and have been adopted and now it’s time to get momma healthy.

Momma Denise is a perfect example of how your donations to the Second Chance Fund allow us to take a broken, emaciated momma and transform her into a healthy, silly, couch potato.