Even for the most seasoned rescuer, Piglet’s “before” photos are hard to look at. Piglet was found running as a stray in Washington Park, IL back in June. She had a massive neck wound that we assume was the result of an embedded collar– it was one of the worst cases we have seen. In addition to the horrendous neck wound, Piglet was also heartworm positive. 

Piglet spent several nights at the emergency vet so we could stabilize her before moving her to a foster home where she required daily bandage changes and gobs of medication. 

Piglet has since been treated for heatworms and as you can see, her neck wound has healed beautifully. And Piglet is the happiest little nugget and has been adopted. 

The Second Chance Fund is what allows us to help dogs like Piglet find their healthy, happily ever after!