Smil on the day of her rescue

A sick kitten peered around the dumpster behind the Holiday Inn in Cahokia, Illinois. Skin and bones, she stumbled around, crying for help. A woman staying at the motel found her, and immediately called Gateway Pet Guardians. Volunteers rushed to the kitten’s aid, and soon after she was named Smil.

Smil had an upper respiratory infection and was very skinny. Her eyes also needed medical attention. Once in rescue, she received veterinary care and moved into a foster home where she could rehabilitate and learn what it’s like to become a family pet. She stayed with foster Shannon Kozeny for a few weeks as she recovered, and once recovered, it was time for the next step in her journey.

Smil now lives with Robin Davis, one of Gateway Pet Guardians’ few cat/kitten fosters. Robin specializes in litters of moms with kittens, usually fostering on a temporary basis. When she learned that Smil needed help, she jumped at the opportunity.

Since she is now healthy, Robin’s focus has been on socializing Smil. Her goal is to introduce her to new animals (both cats and dogs), and she has succeeded with flying colors! She is so playful and loves Robin’s dogs and cats. She also comes running when called for, and loves people and attention! She is full of spunk and is great at entertaining herself with toys. Smil is growing into a confident young kitten and is excited to meet a family to call her own!

robin-and-smilRobin loves fostering, and has been with the organization for over two years. She reflects on her favorite part of fostering: “I love watching my fosters change in the short time I have them. Usually I can see a difference in my foster’s demeanor within two days. Meaning, less stressed and much more comfortable in their new environment. Most becoming that ‘velcro’ dog. Turned from a scared animal in AC to an animal that totally appreciates you saving them. They know you saved them and they are getting a second chance.”

Would you like to give an animal a second chance? Become a foster like Robin by filling out an application at www.gatewaypets.com/foster. And if you think you’re that perfect home for Smil, fill out an adoption application at www.gatewaypets.com/adopt!