Sudden emergency veterinary expenses in times of crisis can put many families in a tough financial situation. For example, meet Sky. Sky is treasured by her family, but she suffered from a gunshot wound to her shoulder. Her family, with help from a friend, was able to get her to an emergency vet, but couldn’t afford the treatment plan. They reached out to us for help.

We sent Sky to one of our partner veterinarians, who did x-rays to confirm the extent of the damage. While Sky was in a lot of pain, we are happy to report only minor damage caused by the 22-caliber bullet. It went through her left shoulder and came out in middle of her chest, grazing her humerus bone in her leg and causing extensive bruising. At this time, surgery is not recommended and she is expected to make a full recovery. The vet flushed her wounds and prescribed pain meds and antibiotics, and Sky went home with her family.

Thanks to our East Side Pet Crisis Fund, we are able to help keep pets with their people by providing emergency veterinary care. But we aren’t able to help unless funds are available. YOU can make a difference in the life of a community pet, and keep a family whole by donating to this fund.