Here’s some more photos on our boy, Slash who was rescued from East St. Louis yesterday – narrowly avoiding the huge snow storm that has come upon those of us in Saint Louis.

We had just set the trap for Pokey – one of the dogs on our regular feeding route that we had targeted to bring in from the cold – and we left to check on Church, another pup we feed regularly.

We were headed back to the trap when PJ missed her turn and had to continue straight. She saw three big black dogs sun bathing and went to turn around in the drive way of the abandoned house. As we turned into the drive way we saw this poor guy – now named Slash – on the porch. It was like all you could see was his open wound.

PJ got out of the car and the look on her face told us that we needed to get this guy NOW. She grabbed her slip lead and as she approached him on the porch his tail began to wag. She petted him and slowly slipped the leash around his neck.

He hopped right in the car and ride with is like an angel, staring out the window most of the time. When we got to Hillside Animal Hospital, we noticed he not only has this gash, but wounds on the back of his neck, wounds on his head, a pretty gnarly ear infection, and a rib bone lodged in the roof of his mouth. Super Vet Dr. Ed came in and cleaned him all up! He sadly was heart worm positive as well.





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Slash’s recovery is going to take a while, especially the heartworm treatment. Consider making a donation to the Second Chance Fund for Slash. This fund makes sure that we have funds available at all times for animals who need emergency veterinary care. Without this fund, we may be forced into financial straights which would cause us to not be able to rescue other animals who aren’t in need of emergency medical care.

Donate to the Second Chance Fund to make sure we can take in animals in dire medical need.