movado1Rachel Broadbear became a shelter volunteer because she loved the dogs at Gateway Pet Guardians. She loved walking them, playing with them, and giving them attention. She loved them so much, she looked into our Slumber Paw-ty Program, a program designed to get dogs out of the Emergency Shelter and into a home for short periods of time. After 20 hours of service at the shelter, volunteers are eligible to take dogs home for nights or weekends at a time. The program is designed to acclimate the shelter dogs into homes and enables us to learn more about their temperament and demeanor outside the shelter.

On July 15, Rachel decided to give Movado a break from the shelter. She introduced her to her dog and they became instant best friends! Rachel says, “from the moment she came home, she fit right into the family. She and my dog were instant bffs, and we were in love by the time it was time for her to go back – so she stayed as a permanent foster!” And so began Rachel’s fostering career.

Movado has been living with Rachel for a few weeks now, and Rachel loves having her around. Her favorite thing about her is what a quick learner she is. “The other day, we were out for a walk, and I stopped to get a drink out of a water fountain. Movado watched me drink out of it and then tried to do it herself. She couldn’t reach, so I turned on the lower water fountain for her, and she drank out of it like a pro. She’s also already learned to wait at the top of the stairs and let me walk down them first when we go out for walks.”

Not only has this relationship improved Movado’s life, but it also has made a great impact on Rachel’s, as well. Every day, she has an extra wagging tail to greet her when she gets home and Movado gives the best snuggles while she does her homework. Her favorite part, though, is helping Movado find her forever home and giving her a family while she waits.

Rachel’s fostering experience has just begun, but she already has words of wisdom to share with anyone considering fostering. “Based on my vast experience from fostering for a whole week, fostering is much easier than I expected. GPG has supported me with everything I’ve needed, and Movado has fit right in.  As with a pet you’re adopting, the most important thing with a foster is finding someone who fits into your family and lifestyle. That makes everything much easier!”

Through our Slumber Paw-ty Program, you can have your own sleepovers! To qualify for the program, learn more about volunteering at the shelter by clicking here. After 20 hours of shelter work, you are eligible to take dogs home for short breaks. And if you would like to learn more about how to adopt the silly and playful Movado, click here!