We have been tracking Snuffy for almost a month now. The problem is that he would hide under this house every time we tried to get near him. PJ spoke to the person who lives there and he gave us permission to stake out his house and set up a trap for the pup. It was a little scary to say the least. We waited for about 3.5 hours for Snuffy to show up. Meanwhile, a lot of sketchy cars were coming in and out of this house. It was a dead end street which made the situation a little scarier. I am pretty sure there was some sort of drug situation going on with these people. It did make me feel better that we had the guy’s permission, but who knows what people are capable of when they are on drugs. After waiting for what seemed like forever, and seeing so many shady characters go in and out of the house, PJ and I decided it was time to pack up and leave. I stayed in the car with a phone for emergencies, while PJ went between the houses to get the cages. Lo and behold, here comes Snuffy limping down the street. I tried to “whisper hollar” PJ’s name, but she did not hear me. As she walked out with the cages in her hands I stuck my body out of the window and pointed behind me. She is amazing! She ran back to the area, set up the cages and snuck out of the way, all in about 1 minute. Snuffy tried to go back to his crawl spot and we were able to trap him between the cage and ourselves. He was scared, but, hey so were we. We could hear the guys inside of the house cussing and being belligerent. We closed Snuffy into the cage and got out of there. Snuffy is at the vet right now. Dr. Diesel is going to call me after his lunch break to let me know the laundry list of things that are wrong with him. We need a foster for Snuffy. He will need to be kept in a quiet area to heal, away from other pets for a while. Watching this boy transition from where he is now to the beautiful dog I am sure he is going to end up being is going to be an amazing experience. I am sure he will be forever grateful to whomever gives him the love he has never had. Please help Snuffy Cletus Hightower!