It’s funny, but we pass Miles Davis’s house sometimes when we feed the dogs.  Pj just pointed that out to me the other day and I can tell you that I never would have guessed!!  It is all boarded up and crumbling.  On this day we saw: Nigel & Nigella, Baxter, Lady, Whitney, Lloyd, & Malcolm. We also meet another lady who feeds Malcolm and a couple others on her way to work.



And Soiree Snippets.  Above we have Paul & Lisa Boyer talking at the Soiree for the Strays 2010.  Don’t miss this year’s Soiree coming up November 4, 2011.  Franklin Room in Soulard.  Dinner, Auction, Libations, and Doggie Fashion show!  And you get to hear all about our shelter plans!

And our gal, Pj………..Please come November 4th to meet Pj and the crew!