I just love this little lady’s face. Her name is Mabeline. Maybe she was born with it 🙂 I did not name her. She is still quite shy and is such lover. I think she is going to be a great pup for someone. She was one of our Parvo survivors. Hopefully we won’t have anymore parvo pups. We have gone to great lengths to prevent that from happening again.

Little Bruce is one of Eartha’s pups. He is a ham, playing it up for the camera and chasing his two year old human foster brother around.

Isn’t Abby cute? I think she looks so sweet. I want her.

Mr. Hugo is a shy and loving puppy. I love those sweet eyes. He is also sporting a lovely tan toupe.

And finally, the cute little grumpy faced Dixie. I adore this face. Little white fuzz ball. If I were in the market for a puppy, I would have snatched her up already.